Your Genial Hosts

Editors of ‘The Horse You Rode In On’ hail from Boston, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

Al has authored books ( of such brilliance as to leave the New York Times stunned, speechless, and utterly unable to review them. He is six years older than god, thus finally has time to read and is appalled to discover what has been happening on his home planet. He is afraid it might be his fault.

Barb feels free to hold forth at great length here on The Horse, but refuses to post anything on her own page ( except, apparently, a picture of a fish. Which has been there for a year and a half now. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Mark ( is convinced that he will one day be replaced by a computer, and can not for the life of him understand why it is taking so damn long. In the meantime he tries to teach computers to solve puzzles, reads anything he can, draws a great dinosaur, states with conviction that Hal Jordan was the best Green Lantern, and often wonders aloud, “What would Batman do?”