The Putin Doctrine

When Russia moved in on Crimea, then stirred up pro-Russian demonstrations in eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Putin justified the actions based on his country’s responsibility to Russian-speaking people wherever they were.

Last week, along with other sane observers, the Economist dismissed the idea. But then, being from England and all, the editors took another look in this week’s issue.

On second thought, they rather liked the idea of getting back the United States, Canada, and Australia, along with a fair chunk of colonial Africa.

Redrawing the world map using the Putin Doctrine, Portugal reclaims Brazil and Spain regains Argentina plus most of South and Central America, including Mexico. The Vikings reconquer Scandinavia, Iceland, and Greenland, but nobody has much claim on the Finns.

Since Hindi and Urdu are both mixtures of Persian and Sanskrit, India and Pakistan lay claim to each other, as usual.

Putin may have a tough sell ahead.

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