Fleurs du Mal

I thought Jean Genet had written Flowers of Evil but was reminded when I checked that this was a book of poems by Baudelaire and also the name of a rock band, several albums, a manga, a play, and films from America, France, and South Korea. Genet wrote Our Lady of the Flowers.

What sent me on this goose chase was a report in Thursday’s Times on Flowers Foods, which turns out to be the nation’s most lopsided corporate political donor — 99% to Republicans over the past three decades. Democratic congressmen get $2 on their birthdays.

“Flowers of Evil” springs naturally to mind.

Not even Koch Industries is that one-sided in its smug philanthropies. Nor Charles Schwab, who donates alongside the Koch brothers in the worst of their right wing crusades and vendettas.

Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, coined the term, “edible foodlike substances” (think Twinkies), referring to the avalanche of synthetic snacks and “foods” consisting largely of fillers, preservatives, refined sugar, salt, and artificial flavorings.

Flowers Foods makes TastyKakes and Wonderbread, so it’s just business-as-usual when they support “corruptible legislator-like zombies” for political office. Likewise, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store gives 80% of its political money to Republicans, which won’t surprise anyone who has tasted their New England Clam Chowder – an obvious scheme to destroy leftist New England. It should carry an FDA warming label, “tainted by penchant for oligarchy”

But Flowers takes the Kake.

Only one Flowers officer is known ever to have given a substantial contribution to a Democrat — $500 to Georgia democrat Stanford Bishop from Robert Crozier, then a Flowers executive (“a lonely little petunia in an onion patch,” in the words of Ed King’s song)

Wonder what became of Mr. Crozier?

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