We Want Our Money Back

Here’s a draft petition. Please suggest edits via e-mail or comments, below.

We’re under no illusions about the efficacy of petitions. Unless they generate extraordinary momentum, the people to whom they’re addressed usually ignore them (as will John Boehner ignore this one). But that doesn’t immunize the guilty parties to the effects of public exposure.

——————————- PETITION ———————————-

We want our money back

We, the undersigned – each an American citizen, voter, and taxpayer – demand a refund.

Voters trusted your promises and have been paying you $174,000 a year plus generous benefits, only to witness your adamant refusal to govern for the past five years. You have gone on an undeclared strike and, in your dereliction, you have:

Betrayed your constituents and your country

Damaged the nation’s economy, costing millions of Americans their jobs and many of them their homes.

Unanimously refused to consider any constructive proposal, even your own party’s ideas

Done everything in your power to shred the safety net on which the working poor and the unemployed and their children desperately depend.

Refused to provide essential funding for effective government agencies, education, vital public infrastructure, job training and education.

We believe that every striking Republican in the House owes an apology to the American people and a full refund of the salary we’ve paid you for the last five years.


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