What’s a Sucker to Do?

How do you deal with employees who haven’t done a lick of work in five years?

I’m not referring to resentful minimum wagers who throw sand in the machinery. These are high ranking private office occupants who make $174,000 a year plus piles of cash under the table, plus blue chip benefits, healthcare, and retirement packages. They have their own gym. They get 240 days off.

Why would they be resentful?

That’s right, we’re talking about Republicans in the House of Representatives. The Troglodyte Army. They don’t like the boss, so whatever needs to be done, they stamp their feet and say No.

They don’t compromise. They don’t negotiate. If they don’t like a proposed law, they don’t suggest a better alternative. They just say No. They refuse to govern – but they go right on getting rich at your expense as if they were real congressmen.

They’re not malingerers, pretending to be sick. They really are sick.

Let’s say you are a red state voter, and you find that in the last election you agreed to hire a person who promised mighty deeds but turned out to be a parasitical fungus. So you have been paying him or her ever since to do nothing except to grow fat helping big contributors steal from you and your kids, undermine your wellbeing, your district, your country, and your future.

What do you do?

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