Take This Job and Shove It

Mike says,

“Okay, Republicans – here’s your chance to prove you’re serious about creating jobs.”

He forwarded an article from Pro Publica on the 68 Obama appointments bottled up in the Senate – some awaiting confirmation for more than a year. That’s not counting all the vacant judgeships.

Most are not even controversial. Some Senator on an ego trip – or indulging in the exhibitionism of ideological self-abuse – holding up a confirmation vote under threat of filibuster.

Republicans destroying jobs – and crippling federal agencies and the courts –usually as pure sabotage, offering patently dishonest reasons.

And, no, it’s not just the usual obstructionism of a minority party. It’s far worse than under previous administrations of either party. And it’s a tragic deterrent to getting the best, most qualified people to devote their talents to public service.

Take you, for instance.

Knowing what you know about certain senators, would you accept a nomination to the Federal Labor Relations Authority?

Neither would Mike.

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