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Our comment mechanism has been temporarily disabled by a virus, so we’ll just add the expected comments ourselves:

Surgeon General: “We welcome this amazing advance in medical science – an injection to induce forgetfulness of traumatic experiences.”

FDA Comissioner: “Wait a minute! We never approved that shot.”

ASPCA: “Whatever these unfortunate animals might have lost, surely it was no justification for shooting them.”

Pitt basketball coach: “We’ll get Rutgers this time, count on it.”

Scorekeeper: Rutgers 67, Pitt Panthers 62

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8 thoughts on “Headline of the Week

  1. Hey LOOK!
    A comment!!!
    I’m in! I’m in!
    I have made it through the security.
    Actually have no comment on this post…but if I did I’d say it right here and now…you better believe I would

  2. It asks you to “log-in” to comment so I clicked that.

    Then at the next screen I clicked “forgot password”

    That takes you to a screen with two boxes: one for username and the other for your email address. I remembered that my username was “Mike” because I would see that when I posted before so I entered Mike. Then I entered my email and a password was sent to my email.

    I went back to “the Horse” clicked “log in” for a comment and then entered “Mike” and the password AND “remember me”

  3. /Users/Mike/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2012/12/21/20121221-151920/IMG_0073.JPG
    This is the guy who figured out the comments

  4. Hey, you should also tweak your wordpress display setting so that it shows how many comments have been made at the bottom of the post instead of just “leave a reply”

  5. Actually, you seem to have accomplished that already — It’s displaying the number of comments at the bottom of the post. But to be able to put this comment right after the one I wanted to answer, I had to delete your last two comments, including the one showing the Coliseum proudly standing behind Mike on your trip to Rome to get a bottle of Chianti.

    Now we have to simplify this protocol so our visitors don’t have to go through all this to leave a comment.

  6. I heard a nastier version (did mike tell me?) that, because of all the bad news surrounding their team, the Nittany Lions decided to change their names to the Predators.

  7. Ooooh. Not a happy thought in Happy Valley. Mike, Barb, and (especially) Mark all attended Penn State back when the worst transgressions consisted of pushing a dormitory refrigerator into an elevator shaft.

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